Meat shortage not worrying local butchers in Michiana

OSCEOLA, Ind. --- Grilling season is here as more people head outdoors for summer, but this year you might have a harder time finding certain cuts thanks to a meat shortage in some parts of the country.

“I like to barbecue a lot and that’s why I came to this place. When you’re looking at the marketplace there’s some shortages so you kinda have to look around for a best price," said customer Fred Grosse.

He's had to go to three different stores in order to find his favorite type of pork. The shortage partially to blame due to a cyberattack on Brazil based meat producer JBS.

“We buy local cattle. We haven’t seemed to be affected there, but the stuff we get from the factories such as IBP or those types of factories or JBS or whatever they seem to be astronomical," said Steven Gill, Owner of DC Meats in Osceola.

The attack caused JBS to shutdown last week and while it’s affecting prices felt even here in Michiana Gill says he’s still been able to fulfill inventory.

“Every time I look at the price of meat and what we have to change sometimes daily it just sickens me, but we’re trying to get through all this and hopefully it’ll all surpass hopefully in a month they say," said Gill.

Gill says he’s seen about a 50% increase in some products, but his customers have been understanding.

“You may as well start looking at the quality and the charcoal of the wood that you’re using for smoked flavor cause you really want it all to come together if you’re gonna spend more for your meats," said Grosse.

JBS has resumed operations at this time.

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