Memorial Day parade returns to Elkhart

ELKHART, Ind -- There was no Memorial Day parade in 2020 but here in 2021 the city of Elkhart gets together to commemorate the fallen veterans.

The parade returns, allowing Michiana residents to come out and enjoy a tradition in the city.

The parade took place in downtown Elkhart on Main street at 2 p.m. with over 50 participants.

Residents in Elkhart were excited to be back in the community, enjoying the warm weather, while honoring military veterans.

"It was missed for sure. Like we’re glad to be able to come back. We missed the bands though and the little guys that ride on the red hats with the scooters." said Elkhart resident Stephanie Lundgren.

The Memorial Day parade turned out to be a success with happy families, cool rides, and skilled performers available to the audience.

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