Memorial Hospital doctors save baby born with Spina Bifida

SOUTH BEND, Ind.-- Doctors and families who have been part of Memorial Hospital's newborn intensive care unit reunited. For many parents it was an emotional day as they thanked doctors for saving their child's life.

Jennifer Blye said, “Memorial Hospital saved my little girl's life. They treated us like a family, helped us with anything we could possibly ask for.”

Katie Joy Blye was born with Spina Bifida and her doctors at South Bend's Memorial Children's Hospital had to perform an emergency surgery when they discovered she had swelling around her brain.

Dr. Bob White said, “Ninety percent of mothers who learn that they are pregnant with a child that has Spina Bifida choose to abort so we don’t see many kids like her."

Dr. White is part of the NICU team who help children like Katie. He said she is a miracle baby.

Dr. White said “Without treatment it can cause mental retardation or death. But with good surgery, it’s compatible with normal intelligence and a normal life.”

Katie’s mother Jennifer shared a photo with us that was taken when she was able to hold her daughter for the very first time.

Today Katie wears a leg brace to keep her legs straight and her doctors think one day she will be able to walk on her own.

Blye said, “She no longer has to worry about the swelling on her brain. And now she’s an extremely happy and joyful little girl.

Kohls department store presented a check of over $70,000 to the NICU at the reunion. 

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