Merrimans’ Playhouse new location

NOW: Merrimans’ Playhouse new location


SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- After getting shut down by the pandemic, Merrimans’ Playhouse opened their new jazz location in South Bend on Thursday.

The non-profit establishment focuses on educating the community about jazz music in all of its forms.

South Bend Mayor James Mueller joined for the ribbon cutting ceremony on Thursday where owners Stephen and Mary Merriman discussed how the pandemic gave the two time to get the new location opened up and how much they love their community.

“It’s all those kinds of things that really make the city unique. It’s the people, it’s the community that stays put and invests in it, and pour their heart and soul in it,” said Stephen Merriman, Co-Owner of Merrimans’ Playhouse.

The new location is in the Commerce Center on the East Race of downtown.

A three-day reemergence celebration begins Thursday for jazz lovers to enjoy.

For more information about the non-profit jazz organization or the celebration mentioned, visit here.

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