MI fund getting more money for disasters

When it comes to disasters, the state of Michigan hopes to become a little more prepared for when the next one strikes.

This past week, Governor Rick Synder signed a bill into law that would raise the cap on a fund already in place to aid in disasters.
Throughout the years, FEMA data indicates that Michigan has faced various disasters, the most recent being the Flint water crisis.

The Disaster and Emergency Contingency Fund that helps the state respond to disasters is getting more funding. The fund is being increased from $4.5 million to $10 million.

The funding goes to provide state assistance to local governments when federal assistance is not available. This money would go to cover costs such as overtime for public employees, shelter, and a repair of public buildings and roads.

This fund has been used for the Flint water crisis and also been used to aid in severe storm cleanup.

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