Michiana 8-year-old gets invite to X Games

NOW: Michiana 8-year-old gets invite to X Games

Purple hair, don’t care!

Move over Prince and the Minnesota Vikings, there's a new show in town.

8-year-old DJ Martin of South Bend got the surprise of a lifetime today.

The BMXer frequently hits the half-pipe at the Kitchen Skate Park on Sample Street, where his mom also volunteers.

That’s where DJ got the news that he would be making the trip to Minnesota for the X-Games this weekend!

He was one of six kids (three from Minnesota, 3 from other states) to receive the coveted invite.

Angie Martin is DJ’s mom.

“We were here filming through Dustin Brice who’s out of Minnesota. He cornered me and wondered if I could come to Minneapolis and do demo’s for X Games! Did a whole thing where he presented him a letter here and got to read it and he was so psyched,” said Martin.

“I was stoked out because this will be my first year going to X Games,” said DJ.

DJ and his mom left bright and early Thursday morning and will be doing at least three sessions a day.

The X-Games start Friday in Minneapolis and air on ESPN and ABC.

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