Michiana celebrates the 16th anniversary of 9/11 with a gift of history

ELKHART, Ind.- Michiana leaders and officials came together to celebrate the 16th anniversary of September 11th, 2001. This year something really special happened.

A select number of departments are receiving an unbelievable memento from the day of the attacks.

10 departments received saplings from the only Callery pear tree left standing after the Twin Towers fell on the morning of 9/11.The saplings were distributed by Concord Township Fire Chief Rick Rochford.

“It’s important it’s a tangible reminder,” says Elkhart Mayor Tim Neese. “And I don’t think we need to be reminded, but it lets us know the importance of that particular event.”

On Monday, Mayor Neese along with Michiana safety officers  gathered at The Concord Fire Department to not only remember the nearly 3,000 lives that were taken on this day, but also to hand out a little piece of history to these men and women.

After the only tree left standing at Ground Zero was nurtured and taken care of, 10 saplings were able to be given to our departments here at home.

Assistant Chief Jo Johnson, with the Osolo Township Fire Department says  the feeling he felt receiving this sapling was more than honor.

“At least 90 to 100 days into the recovery of the debris field, at the area known as Grown Zero, that a single Callery pear tree was found with only one leaf attached to the branch,” says Assistant Chief Johnson.

“The tree reflects the resiliency and the ability to heal especially in times of great stress and grief.”

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