Michiana commemorates Memorial Day with numerous events

NOW: Michiana commemorates Memorial Day with numerous events

Michiana --- Memorial Day honors fallen soldiers across the nation and right here at home and on Monday, Michiana held a series of events that recognized those who’ve made the ultimate sacrifice for our country.

People honored and saluted veterans at the St. Joseph County Cemetery.

Folks also gathered for wreath placements, picnics, along with a concert at the Mishawaka V.F.W 360 post, all to honor the fallen heroes who lost their lives serving the nation.

“I am here to memorialize all those brothers and sisters that didn’t make it home. Today, marks the day that I lost not only a kid that I consider a son to me, but I also lost a really good friend over in Iraq in 2003,” said Danny Gann, a veteran and member of Mishawaka VFW 360 Post

Gann was among many who came out to the Mishawaka V.F.W. 360 post for the organization’s annual events including a performance put on by Michiana’s Concert Band that not only included music, but a moment of silence for all the fallen troops.

“I was blown up in 2003 so I didn’t know why I was here, but I know that I’m here to support veterans,” said Gann.

“It makes me think of all the guys all the different wars. My dad was in 1917, my older brothers were in W2 also. It’s something to honor everybody,” added World War II Veteran and V.F.W 360 post member Raymond Gervais.

North of the state line up in Niles folks of all ages also gathered to participate in the ceremonies

“It means honoring everybody since 1776 all the veterans, female, male alike and what they gave up,” explained Gervais.

“They didn’t make it hope to be able to celebrate Veterans Day so we honor them on Memorial Day so we can say their names and they will live on forever,” added Gann.

Both South Bend’s and Mishawaka’s annual Memorial Day parades were cancelled this year, but both are expected to take place next Memorial Day.

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