Michiana crop update

NOW: Michiana crop update

This year we have seen a lack of rain through the summer months, which has had some negative impacts on farmer’s crops.

The wheat itself has smaller berries, and the straw stems are shorter.

This is caused by below average rainfall, and some scorching temps that we saw in June.

Overall, farmers are still hopeful, as long as they can get their wheat out of the fields in the near future.

This time of year when thunderstorms are more common, hail, heavy rain, and wind can cause widespread losses to the wheat crop. While we have this nicer stretch of weather, farmers will be out in full force.

Not only has the wheat crop been impacted by the lack of rain and hot temperatures, but the corn and soybeans have as well.

The corn crop has already shown some signs of premature further development, like tasseling. Tasseling isn’t usually seen until late July and August when the corn plant begins to age into maturity.

The soybeans have been slightly more relentless, and are doing pretty well.

No matter the crop though, all plants are having to send their roots deep into the soil to find moisture, and if we don’t see more rain, then crops will further be impacted negatively.

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