Michiana drought at tipping point with rain on the way

To the dismay of many, the inevitable has happened: humidity has returned to Michiana.

Dew point temperatures soared near 70 Monday morning. Humidity levels are expected to be noticeable once again on Tuesday.

While it can be tough to be outside in humid conditions, we actually need the humidity to stay elevated leading into our rain chances this week. 

The drought is at a tipping point, especially across southwestern Michigan. Most of the state is in moderate drought, with an area of "severe drought" creeping into northern Berrien County.

Prolonged severe drought (D2) or higher can have big impacts on your wallet. The increased irrigation use puts stress on farmers, and prices at the farmers market could go up if the drought continues. Your own water bill could increase if you choose to fight the dry conditions, and we have to be more mindful of fire danger in times of drought, too. 

There is hope that rain this week, while not completely drought-busting, could at least keep the current conditions at bay.

Rain and storms Tuesday night into Wednesday morning could provide about a quarter of an inch of rain to Michiana.

 A second round of rain is possible on Thursday. That system has the better chance of producing widespread rainfall. 

Given our need for rain, I'll say something I didn't think I would ever say: bring on the humidity!

At least, for a little while.

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