Michiana farm offering alternate option to tossing out Jack-O-Lanterns

Halloween has passed and trick-or-treating has come and gone, but what do you do with the rotting jack-o-lanterns? A Michiana farm has a great way to dispose of them.

"I actually have a lot of customers that carve pumpkins and when they're done with Halloween, they bring them to me,” said Crystal Nells.

Nells and her husband Dan are the owners of C&D Family Farms in Knox, where they're currently caring for over 200 hogs.

“I bring the pumpkins home and give them to those guys

Tossing your old pumpkins in the garbage could lead to them sitting in a landfill for several months.

Giving the pumpkins to the pigs is not only good for the environment, but for the pigs' health too.

"I love giving them different stuff apples, peaches, pears, plums. One of the main advantages to pumpkins is that there are a natural wormer,” said Nells. "Pigs can't help but get worms when they live outside. Luckily, pumpkins are a natural way to help the hogs rid themselves of worms.”

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