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Michiana Gulf War Veteran honored more than a quarter-century later

NOW: Michiana Gulf War Veteran honored more than a quarter-century later

It was a day close to a quarter-century in the making.

A special ceremony was held Tuesday recognizing, retired St. Joe Gulf War Veteran, Lewis Bolman.

In 1991, many of us turned on the television to watch missiles in the Middle East light up the night sky.

This marked the beginning of Operation Desert Storm.

Then 22-year-old Chemicals Specialist, Corporal Lewis Bolman, wasn’t thinking about this day.

 ”It’s a little humbling to see all of this in front of me. I have to say thank you for that,” said Bolman.

26 years after serving in Operation Desert Storm, now retired Corporal Bolman, was honored with 11 medals and decorations at a special ceremony in his hometown.

After a brief attempt to retrieve the awards with the Division of National Records, Bolman recently went to his District Representative, Congressman Fred Upton.

Representative Upton has helped other Michiana Veterans, like Bolman, in the past.

“It’s his moment. You could see how proud he was. And he remembers it like yesterday. You look at some of the pictures he brought back and yeah, he looks a bit different, but he’s proud of those. Today he’s finally getting the medals that were due to him,” said Representative Upton.

The retired Army Veteran said while in the Middle East, it was all about doing his job and doing it well.

“It’s something that came with it. We just went after it. Whole heartedly to get the job done properly and to keep everyone alive well. This is just an afterthought. And a heck of an afterthought,” said Bolman.

A total of 11 medals more than 25 years later.

Numbers never lie and the numbers may not add up but for this hometown war hero, the memories will never fade because his service will always live on.

“Mr. Upton delivered for me. So I’m very thankful,” said Bolman.

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