Michiana heeds travel warnings

MISHAWAKA, Ind. -- People are getting get extremely frustrated from the snow and St. Joseph County Emergency Management Agency says the fact they have had to issue a state of emergency twice in January is unusual.

"Inconvenienced, inconvenienced, and inconvenienced," says South Bend resident, Mary Short.

It is the only word Short can use to describe Michiana's snowfall.

"The weather we are having today is probably the nastiest that you are going to find in the United States," says Short.

People are trying to get through their day, but are finding the winter weather to be an obstacle even when shopping for groceries.

"I'm definitely ready for it to go away," says Bruce Reaves of South Bend.

"This is absurd, I can appreciate the beauty of it, but holy cow I am so tired of going out and having my hands freeze just getting into the car," says Notre Dame student, Casey Casias.

"Wrecking havoc on everyday lives," says Greg Humnicky from South Bend.

The Saint Joseph County Emergency Management Agency is asking people to be cautious, even though they are consistently sending out warnings and advisories.

"It has been worse than normal this year, and we are definitely having some unusual weather and it doesn't look like its over yet," says Rick Tripp, Director of Saint Joseph County Emergency Management Agency. "It is important that people keep getting the message to use caution."

With no clear sight of a finish line for this cold snap, people are looking forward to the end.

"I've pushed enough snow, I think my snow blower is going to have to be overhauled," says Humnicky.

"We are just paying for last year, every piece of snow that did not fall last year, is falling this year," says Short.

The travel advisory is a newly adopted ordinance by the county, but Emergency Management asks you to be careful on the roads when running your errands with the heavy snow.

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