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Michiana Idol kicks off with an Idol veteran’s words of encouragement

MISHAWAKA, Ind. – One local superstar won’t be auditioning this season but wants to give the Michiana Idol prospects some words of encouragement and advice.

“Be true to who you are and don't try to go in and sing one variety of music. Don't forget to eat! I know that sounds funny but I’m not even kidding I forgot to eat and I felt nauseous. You can’t sing if you don't eat!”

18-year-old Tayah Smith made it pretty far last season after auditioning for Michiana Idol. Since then, she reflected on her experience.

“It’s my passion to sing and Michiana idol gave me that opportunity to put myself out there. It got me into writing songs, I write a ton of music today, I picked ukulele I play guitar I’ve gotten better at piano.” Smith said.

Tayah decided to focus on her medical profession dreams instead of trying out this year, but she continues to be inspired by music and her opportunities that Michiana Idol brought her.

“I’m hoping a lot of Michiana idol people will go out and do it because it could change your life. It changed mine,” The 18-year-old shared, “It has really just allowed me to be who I want to be rather than what other people want me to be.”

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