Michiana Male Chorus spreads holiday cheer

A local group of singers have been entertaining for years.

The Michiana Male Chorus got their start back in the 1920s.

Factory workers at the Studebaker plant used to croon tunes to pass the time.

The group eventually evolved into a collective chorus with men from all backgrounds.

“I’ve enjoyed being with the group or I wouldn’t have stayed so long,” Bob Godsey, a second tenor said.

The harmonizers these days are retirees, pastors and educators, all lead by chorus president Tim Lewis.

“We just really like to sing. It takes the stress out of your life to have the music in your life,” Lewis said.

That is why they bring music to audiences who need it most.

“We really like to go to the retirement homes because we feel like it’s part of our mission as a chorus to actually take our music to people who can’t get out and hear it any other way,” Lewis said.

They also send donations to charity.

The chorus have a benefit concert coming up Sunday.

“Any of the donations that we receive that day, will be making a contribution to the Northern Indiana Food Bank,” Lewis said.

For the Michiana Male Chorus, Christmas carols and giving back form the perfect duet, and that tune is timeless.

Studebaker photo courtesy of Studebaker National Museum.

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