Michiana man beats odds after life-threatening gunshot wounds

GRANGER, Ind. -- Imagine fighting for your life every single day for a year, not knowing if you'll be able to see your kids again. For one Michiana man, that's exactly what happened.

Forty-five-year-old Trevor Claire was shot multiple times in the abdomen in January 2012. Doctors said he had a less than one-percent chance of surviving, but somehow, he pulled through.

For Claire, every day is one more than he though he'd have.

"So many people don't get this opportunity," Claire said. "And I do."

Through the advances of modern medicine, and a little bit of luck, he went from the hospital to rehab; where he spent the last year learning how to walk again.

"It's those basic essentials of life that he simply couldn't do, until he started rehabbing," Sue Hunter, Director of Nursing at Michiana Health and Rehabilitation Center, said.

Physical therapists worked with Claire every day.

"Getting things back to where they belong internally, and knowing that the light is at the end of the tunnel," Hunter said.

So Thursday-- burgers were cooked, and laughs were shared at a party held in Claire's honor, celebrating his life, recovery and future.

"Whatever comes next," Claire said. "Just furthering activities with my children, and I get an opportunity now, to see them graduate."

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