Michiana marchers honor Martin Luther King

SOUTH BEND, Ind.-- I have a dream… it was just fiftyyears ago when those words were spoken. A group of people in Michiana went to Washington DC this weekend and marched from the Lincoln Memorial to the Martin Luther King statue in honor of the man who changed their future. Thousands came from all over the country to remember the March on Washington, including South Bend native Ashley White. Ashley White said, “He lived his dream. He got everyone to come together and not fight each other.” White's grandmother paid for her to go to this special anniversary event. Ashley White said, “People went through so much to be able to get people where they need to be today.” Ashley said because of Martin Luther King she can live her dream today. She’s currently in school at Ivy Tech Community College and she aspires to be a paramedic. White said, “To know that I’m able to go to college and pursue my dreams to help other people is a good feeling.”Pastor Terrell Jackson is the president of the NAACP who organized the trip, and he says it was amazing to be a part of history. Jackson said, “It’s just remarkable to think about what some of our forefathers have gone through and how some of the dreams of Dr. King have been alive but still… we’ve got a long time to go.” Jackson said at the march they were challenged to come back to their community with a renewed energy.Jackson said, “To be motivated and to begin to stop setting back and waiting on somebody else to do it because we are that somebody else that needs to get involved.”

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