Michiana motorcade members practice riding

An elite unit of Michiana law enforcement makes up the area’s motorcade for special events.

They train once a month at a location of US 31.

“Anybody can jump on two wheels on a motorcycle and maneuver it down the highway, but being able to maneuver it properly and safely is a whole other story,” South Bend Detective Gery Mullins said.

Mullins is the multi-jurisdictional unit’s newest rider, and although he has been riding a bike for years, the unit’s course is a brand new challenge.

“If one person makes a mistake, the whole unit makes a mistake, and it reflects the entire unit,” Mullins said.

The unit was started about two years ago, after Berrien County deputies realized they needed more men and more bikes.

They began joining forces with the neighboring departments.

“It’s helped so much in manpower and the experience of working different functions,” Captain Robert Boyce of Berrien County said.

Those functions include everything Notre Dame games to escorting dignitaries like the president.

“It’s an elite group of guys,” Mullins said.

Boyce agrees, and says he’s thankful the departments work together as one unit.

“I couldn’t be prouder than to serve alongside of these gentlemen,” Boyce said.

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