Michiana oral surgeon wants to help one deserving student pay for college

NOW: Michiana oral surgeon wants to help one deserving student pay for college


GRANGER, Ind.-It’s no secret that college is expensive and the price tag only seems to be rising. A Michiana doctor is looking to put more money in one deserving student’s pocket with a new program.

Granger Oral Surgery and Dental Implants started “Wisdom for Wisdom”, a program aimed to make textbooks or other college expenses more affordable.

They will award one student a complimentary wisdom teeth extraction.

“People going to school or around the time of college need their wisdom teeth out,” said Dr. Taite Anderson. “While the cost of education is going up, they’re hit with getting the costs of wisdom teeth out, so it seems to make sense we can help in that way,” Dr. Anderson said.

According to the American Enterprise Institute, between 1988 and 2016 textbook prices increased by 90%.

With “Wisdom for Wisdom”, what the student’s family would have paid towards medical bills will now be diverted to college textbook costs.

The recipient should be a student who not only needs financial assistance, but has the drive to succeed.

An application must be filled out in order to enter.

“You answer a few questions after watching a video about wisdom teeth, and then it’s just a short answer essay explaining why wisdom for wisdom would be valuable for you and your family,” Dr. Anderson said.

The application deadline is July 12th. For a link to the application, click HERE. 

The winner will be announced within a week on the office’s Facebook page, which you can find HERE. 

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