Michiana relies on deliveries for Super Bowl Sunday

NOW: Michiana relies on deliveries for Super Bowl Sunday

SOUTH BEND, Ind. --  Super Bowl Sunday has now come to an end.

How did you spend this unofficial holiday?

It was a snowy Super Bowl Sunday in Michiana this year.

With slick roads, and not so ideal driving conditions, many Hoosiers opted to join in with the more than 69 million people estimated, to go to a Super Bowl party this year.

And that's where delivery drivers, like Paul Lightner, come in. 

"It is the Super Bowl. It's when everyone is going to want to eat, there's going to be snacks, there's going to be wings, and stuff like pizza," says Lightner. "Things people want to eat when watching the big game."

He's been driving for the local delivery service, Dine In, for about three years. 

"It's a pretty busy day for us," explains Lightner. "It's a really bad day outside. It's really cold, and nobody wants to go out. They're going to stay home, watch it on TV, host parties. And we're gonna bring them food."

ABC57 News rode along with Lightner for some of his deliveries Sunday afternoon.

40-50 Dine In drivers were out on the roads, keeping up with the overwhelming amount of orders. 

"Because of the snow and the weather, people usually party at home ayways. It's a lot nicer that way," says Lightner. 

And the most popular requests? 

"Wings. Wings and pizza. Anything snacks," he says. 

The National Chicken Council expects America to have eaten 1.35 billion wings this year.

The Super Bowl Spending Survey estimated that Americans will spend just over $81 per person, throughout the day, for food and drinks.

Dine In tells ABC57 that from 3 p.m. until 9 p.m. Super Bowl Sunday, they had over 240 delivery orders, all mainly through St. Joseph County. 

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