Michiana residents react to first snow storm of the season

NOW: Michiana residents react to first snow storm of the season

MISHWAKA, Ind. --- For some… waking up to snow brings excitement.

“I like the snow because I like to go sledding and tubing,” Rudy Yakl said, who was out sledding today in the snow.

“It’s my favorite season,” Raelynn Napierski said, who loves the snow.

Snow covered Michiana streets and houses this morning. Some areas saw up to 6 inches making sidewalks and roadways a little hard to make out and forcing some people to do a little bit of work out in the cold today.

With only a handful of snowfalls this season, despite the work the snow brings, the snowfall overnight was highly anticipated by some.

“I’m excited now that it came in! I’ve been waiting for it to come in all season!” Napierski said.

Others, however, have a little bit different of an idea of perfect weather.

Elle Yakyl hates snow and winter.

 “I’m really wishing its summer right now, so I’m just inside drinking hot cocoa waiting for summer,” Elle said.

Elle is just counting down the days for winter to be over.

“It’s just I want to go to the beach and the pool and I can’t when it’s snowing!” Elle said.

Her brother on the other hand, is looking forward to the snow days ahead – and the reason is clear.

“Tiffany: What’s your favorite part of the snow? Rudy: making snowballs and throwing them at my sister!”

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