Michiana staple crops still thriving despite dry weather

NOW: Michiana staple crops still thriving despite dry weather


Despite the hot and mostly dry summer, Michiana agriculture is in very good shape heading into August.

In Indiana, the rain arrived last week just in time to ward off widespread drought across the state and replenish soil moisture. Corn and soybean improved in the Hoosier state. In fact, more than 80 percent of the corn crop is silking as of July 27. That is not only ahead of the five year average, but also more than double where we were at this time in 2019.

In Michigan, crop conditions held steady despite the lack of rain. There were significant jumps in corn and soybean progress, mostly because of the hot weather and rapid accumulation of growing degree days. Both corn and soybean crops were significantly ahead of last year's progress as well.

The next round of berries looks to be in good shape in Michigan as well. Click here for full coverage on how the summer weather has affected the berry crop across Michiana.

With drought likely to build and expand over the next few weeks, we're all going to have to keep watering to keep crops comfortable through the dry stretch.

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