Michiana voters react to President Trump's clarification on Russia remarks

NOW: Michiana voters react to President Trump’s clarification on Russia remarks

ST. JOSEPH CO., Ind. -- President Trump is working to do some damage control after stating that he misspoke on Russia meddling in elections. Meanwhile in Michiana, ABC 57’s Andrea Alvarez talked to a political science expert at Notre Dame who broke down the president’s actions and how it has had an impact on citizens.

Professor Michael Desch says this sort of thing has happened before, but that President Trump has also pushed the bounds in what he can say or do compared to previous American presidents causing major reaction.

“The net effect has been with more outrageous, or provocative or controversial, the things he says, he just seems to be, sort of lowering the bar in terms of what he can get away with,” said Michael Desch, Professor of Political Science at Notre Dame.

After speaking with professor Desch, we ventured into downtown South Bend to ask what voters thought about the President revoking his original statement. While some were fine with it others not so much.

“I think that he probably knew what he was going to say initially and he shouldn’t go back on his word,” said Nick Geiger. “It’s completely big, he’s the president of the United States. It’s always going to be a big deal when he’s on television speaking to other national leaders.”

“I feel like he meant what he said the first time. I think once he got the backlash on Twitter and everything then that’s when he decided to come back and correct,” said Keith Taylor, South Bend Resident.

“Well I think he owned up for the clarification that he had. I think it’s time, I think as the leader of the free world, he’s shown strength where the previous administration did not show any strength and they let us push us around. And I think it’s about time that we stop the switch trial about Russia and get on to the major issues,” said Christiaan Corthier, also a South Bend resident.

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