Michiana's Menu: Bonnie Doon's Drive-In transports customers back in time

Michiana’s Menu: Bonnie Doon’s Drive-In transports customers back in time

MISHAWAKA, Ind. -- It might be 2021, but Bonnie Doon’s Drive-In takes you back to olden times! The drive-in was first established in 1938 by the Muldoon family. It started with one little ice cream shop off of fourth street in Mishawaka. Then, it expanded across Northern Indiana, with 10 locations, but now only one Bonnie Doon’s remains off of Lincolnway West.

And this location has had a familiar face for nearly 20 years - Adam Carroll.  

“It was always something I loved doing, loved all of the customers and just working with ice cream and burgers, something I loved to do,” says Carroll.

Adam’s first job was at Bonnie Doon’s when he was just 14 years old. He loved the business so much he has worked for the home of the bonnie burger since and now owns the last of its locations.

While it has been nearly 83 years since the drive – in first started, Bonnie Doon’s has stayed true to its menu. People from all over flock for their favorites such as the bonnie burger, crinkle fries, hot dog chili, or even a more recent sandwich, peanut butter banana! And of course, you cannot leave without trying their ice cream or the sundae banana boat.

“There is still so many people that love going to Bonnie Doon, people that grew up on it and people keep the tradition with children and grandchildren,” says Carroll.  

And customers agree, this is a tradition they do not want to end! John has been a frequent visitor since 1994, and always pops in for a bonnie burger.

“No one does it like Bonnie Doon’s, and you cannot miss the ice cream,” says John Trojan.

Wayne and Janice come at least once a week, now for nearly 15 years.

“I think it means a lot to have this is the only Bonnie Doon's around, so it means a lot to have somewhere to come in for good ice cream and food,” says Wayne.  

And lucky for them, Bonnie Doon’s has no plan on leaving.

“Just as long as everyone keeps coming, we will keep serving it,” says Carroll.

Plan your visit here.  

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