Michiana's Menu: Doc Pierce's Restaurant

Michiana’s Menu: Doc Pierce’s Restaurant

MISHAWAKA, Ind. -- For this week’s Michiana’s Menu, we are doing just what the doctor ordered – a visit to Doc Pierce’s Restaurant! This Mishawaka staple has been feeding customers for nearly 46 years. But how did the doctor find his way to Michiana?

Bruce and Pat Tassell had bought the empty building at 120 North Main Street in July of 1976. After a fire broke out taking down the neighboring building, a large image appeared on the side of their building. An advertisement.  

“So, when it died the sign on the building was revealed, and it was an advertisement for Doctor Pierce’s,” says Pat Tassell, Owner.  “So, a friend of ours said you need to call the place Doc Pierce’s.”

And that is exactly what they did. Doc Pierce’s Restaurant first started with a menu featuring doctor lingo and references. Now, decades later, and while the menu might have strayed from their doctor roots, the dishes have stay consistent.

With steaks, grilled Rueben, salmon, salads, onion rings, burgers, chicken and more every customer can find a little bit of everything. But what people might notice most about a visit to Doc’s is the environment.

“We like to take good care of the people and hopefully we do,” says Tassell.

With an interior that welcomes you in, the staff at Doc’s does just that! After chatting with customers, it was clear, this is one big family!

Plan your visit here.

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