Michiana's Menu: Rise'n Roll Bakery

Michiana’s Menu: Rise’n Roll Bakery

MIDDLEBURY, Ind. -- Welcome to Rise'n Roll! The bakery that puts “to – go” orders to the test.

“We as a society are drive thru oriented and fast pace, you can still do that, we are handling the slow paced for you, we as a bakery, we are still doing it slow,” says Chief Operating Officer, Russ Crawford.  

The chain cranks out 125,000 doughnuts a week. The sweet staple is just one of several menu items that thousands of people stop in for a taste. But what really draws in such a crowd?

“Everything is still a scratch bakery. Everything we can make from scratch, we will,” says Crawford.

And the numbers tell the tale. The bakery goes through over a quarter million pounds of butter, and 35,000 pounds of donut mix every year. A delicious price to pay for freshness.

“So, for our famous, cinnamon caramel donuts, all of the ingredients to make it for tonight have not even be made yet,” says Crawford

But the fresh, homemade style cooking comes easy. For Rise'n Roll Bakery, that is how it all started! Back in 2001, a young Amish couple began baking recipes handed down in the woman’s family for generations. After selling from their front porch for several years, in 2004, they opened the first Rise'n Roll Bakery in Middlebury, Indiana.

Since then, the bakery has expanded to 16 locations all across the state of Indiana.

However, even with the growth, Rise'n Roll is still doing things the “old fashioned way.”

All products are made from scratch in Middlebury before being shipped …the day of sale.

A style of cooking and level of freshness that is hard to find.

“It is becoming part of the Indiana culture, and we want that to spread that far and wide and so it is unique to Indiana,” says Crawford.

And the end result is the proof. The Middlebury bakery offers everything from its famous cinnamon caramel donut, to pies and cookies, Danishes, sweet cinnamon rolls and soups and sandwiches.

But some visit with the storefront in mind - where you can enjoy homemade jams, jellies and pick up baking essentials.

Plan your visit here.

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