Michiana's Menu: The Ragamuffin gives tasty treats a new meaning

Michiana’s Menu: The Ragamuffin gives tasty treats a new meaning

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- The Ragamuffin has been satisfying the sweet tooth of South Bend locals for the past year. Located downtown, the bakery might be a fairly new addition, but even so, their delicious pastries catch the eyes of many. ABC57 decided to see the secret behind the sugar.

It all starts with Abby. Abby’s heart for baking dates all the way back to her childhood. Her passion for tasty treats is her own love language for friends and family. For her, the kitchen comes naturally.

Abby’s career first started as an actress in New York City. While theatre continues to play a role in her life, it was a longing for community that brought her here, to South Bend.

“I was living in New York City for the last ten years, and I worked in a bunch of bakeries and was having a hard time finding community there, there are almost a million people there. I was finding a lack of connection,” says Abigail Gillan, Owner of the Ragamuffin. “Community is what was most important to me, and what I was missing in my daily life before moving here. We just want you to feel welcomed here and there’s a place for everyone here, it is as simple as that.”

And the Ragamuffin’s impact on the community is clear. Customers return to the bakery not only for the famous cinnamon rolls, but the smiles that are just as sweet.

 Check out the Ragamuffin for yourself here.

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