Michigan City company wins big with Powerball lottery pool

MICHIGAN CITY, Ind. – On behalf of Bulk Equipment Corporation, David Tapocsi claimed a $50,000 Powerball prize.

For the past two years, he and a group of coworkers from Bulk Equipment Corporation have participated in a weekly lottery pool.

Every week, David collected the money, bought the tickets, recorded his coworkers’ names, and handed them a photocopy of the winning tickets.

The morning after the March 13th draw, David woke up to a text message from one of his coworkers, informing him that one of them won the prize.

As soon he saw the message, David pulled out his phone to check their numbers, and to his astonishment, they did in fact win, with only one number off of the Powerball jackpot.

When asked about the future of the lottery pool, David said that he expects a lot more people to join in the near future.

“As of now, we plan on using some of the money to purchase new tools and toolboxes for the workplace,” David said.

The winning amount was split evenly among the winners.

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