Michigan City Mayor Parry apologizes for racially charged comments

MICHIGAN CITY, Ind. -- Michigan City Mayor Duane Parry read a statement to the press Wednesday afternoon offering an apology for the racially charged comments he made that were recorded on a voice mail to a Black pastor.

He apologized for the comments and described the steps he is taking.

“I cannot say the words to fully express my regret for saying what I said during the past week. My words now cannot change what I’ve said, however, my future actions can and will,” Parry said. “I’m sorry. I realize that saying I’m sorry is not enough.”

He said he will immediately begin implicit bias cultural training. Department heads and city employees will also get the training, but at a later date. An outside agency will conduct the training.

Mayoral staff and department heads will be required to go through the training yearly. Other staff will have to complete the training every two years.

The mayor did not take any questions, but said he would hold a press conference soon where he will take questions.

He asked for forgiveness and said he hopes to show he is the mayor for all of Michigan City.

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