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Michigan City voters reporting intimidation and harrasment during early voting

The Michigan City mayor's office and police department have received numerous complaints about voter intimidation and harassment while early voting at the courthouse.

Reports also indicate on April 10, someone walked past uniformed deputies at a secured entrance, sat down near where voting was taking place and campaigned.

If you witness or have been subjected to voter intimidation while early voting, please contact La Porte County Clerk Kathleen Chroback, members of the LaPorte County Election Board at (219) 326-6808 (ext. 2385) and LaPorte County Commissioners at (219) 326-6808 (ext. 2229) or via their emails Sheila Brillson, , Vidya Kora, and Richard Mrozinski.

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MikeSchmidt 360 days ago
I can tell you with certainty that this allegation is a lie. The person in question who went into the courthouse will ABSOLUTELY grant you an interview to clear this all up.

I voted at the courthouse on Tuesday, and there was NOBODY electioneering or accosting ANYBODY, and this person has been NON STOP on Facebook Live while he was up there at the courthouse.
Jack MikeSchmidt 359 days ago
Sounds like Rodney is spinning up his misinformation machine.
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