Michigan Expands ANGEL Program for Addiction Treatment

NOW: Michigan Expands ANGEL Program for Addiction Treatment

Amid the opioid crisis, and all the governmental involvement surrounding it, Colleen Bormann spoke with Michigan Governor Rick Snyder about what he thinks can be done to solve the problem.

There are several ideas being proposed to help solve this issue, and Governor Snyder believes some of these ideas are already coming to fruition in Michigan.

Colleen dug deeper into one of those programs which has already seen positive results in Michigan called the ANGEL program.

The ANGEL program started at the Michigan State Police Post in Gaylord back in October of 2016, and has seen great results ever since.

Snyder helped us understand this program as well as discussed it's positive results.

As this crisis will not be solved anytime soon, programs like these need the public's help in order to continuously succeed.

If you are interested in learning more about the ANGEL program click on the link below.


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