Michigan Governor Rick Snyder launches town hall tour

Just in time for the election season, Michigan Governor Rick Snyder launched his town hall tour across the state.

His first stop will be in Kalamazoo.

Snyder is expected to hold ten forums leading up to the November 4th General Election.

Snyder is seeking reelection against democratic challenger Mark Shauer.

Throughout the tour he will be talking with Michigander's about the issues they are facing and his plans for the next four years if reelected.

"We never want to discourage anyone from getting a university degree, but where we messed up is equally emphasize there should be a second track for career tech education. That's just as honorable, that's just as important, and that's just as full. We need to reestablish that. In fact we're already in the process of being the leader in the country, right here in Michigan, with programs we've already started. But, my goal in a second term is to be number one in doing that," said Snyder.

Snyder's next stop is Thursday in Troy at the American Polish Cultural Center.

On October 12th he's expected to participate in a debate against Shauer.

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