Michigan high school suspends cancer survivor for charitable hair growth

BURTON, Mich. -- A Michigan high school cancer survivor has been kicked out of his school for letting his hair grow too long.

J.T. Gaskins was diagnosed with leukemia as a baby. Now he’s growing out his locks to help out other cancer patients.

The 17-year-old cancer survivor is trying to grow out his hair to donate it to Locks of Love. Gaskins received a three-day suspension.

"They're telling me that I can't grow my hair out to give back to a cause that I fought my whole life,” said Gaskins.

"The female students sitting next to my son can grow it and donate it, but yet the male student or my son can't do the same without getting kicked out,” said Gaskins’ mother Christa Plante.

The school board recently voted against making an exception to the rule. The board said it is reconsidering their decision and hopes to reach a compromise.

It's expected to call an emergency board meeting within this week to discuss the issue.


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