Michigan horses to ride in Inauguration Parade

TUSCOLA COUNTY, Mich.-- Some Michigan residents will make a special appearance in President Obama's Inauguration Parade. Four members of the Tuscola County Mounted Division are set to ride in the parade.

The two members and their horses were among the 2,800 applicants from the Mounted Units to participate and only 43 were selected.

The riders are looking forward to the event even though they will have early morning hours on Inauguration Day. These early hours are set because they will have to go through secure locations.

"We also had to have our clearances by the Secret Service. We had to have all of our clearances in, and had to have all of our horses papers in," said Cindy Wells, Tuscola County Mounted Division.

"It's a big honor. We are representing not only the county, but the state of Michigan," said Ray Rendon, Tuscola County Mounted Division.

President Obama's Inauguration is January 21st.

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