Michigan lawmakers pass private insurance-restricting abortion bill

In March, women seeking an abortion in the state of Michigan will have to do so without the aid of private insurance. Michigan lawmakers voted to pass a bill that bans the use of private insurance plans for the procedure on Wednesday.

According to Michigan's constitution, the bill will become law in approximately 90 days, with or without Governor Rick Snyder's signature.

Last year, Governor Snyder vetoed a very similar bill, but then an anti-abortion group called "Right to Life" collected over 300,000 signatures in support of the bill, prompting its return to Michigan lawmakers.

The Republican majority in Michigan played a part in Wednesday's vote. The bill passed almost entirely along party lines, with all of the Republicans in both the House and Senate voting in support of the bill.

Some opponents are saying the bill forces women to buy what they're calling "rape insurance."

The bill doesn't provide exceptions for situations involving rape or incest.

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