‘Michigan’s longest garage sale’ kicks off August 9

NOW: ‘Michigan’s longest garage sale’ kicks off August 9

NILES, Mich.—Michigan’s “longest garage sale” kicks off on August 9 on U.S. 12.

The three day event lasts until August 12 all along U.S. 12 in Michigan, spanning about 180 miles from Detroit to New Buffalo.

Bob Hibbard has lived along U.S. 12 in Niles for the last 46 years. Every month, Hibbard purchases a storage unit filled with treasures he sets out for the sale.

“I’ve been doing this for about 15 years. I’ve had a lot of good people here, a lot of friends stop by. We have designers that come from Chicago to pick up stuff, and from Detroit,” Hibbard said.

Hibbard's family regularly collects antiques that they sell all year long.

Hibbard and his family have been preparing for the sale for over two weeks, and have items ranging from a 1940's era electric shock machine from a doctor’s office to giant wooden toy soldiers.

About 10,000 Beanie Babies also make up part of the Hibbard’s stock.

Right next door to Hibbard’s home, Tracy Rudi is participating in the sale for the first time, and has set up shop at a friend’s home on U.S. 12.

“The prices are great, there’s a variety of things, there’s something out here for everyone,” Rudi said.

Rudi, who recently graduated from Western Michigan University, says the sale is a great place to find things when on living a limited income.

“When you’re on a limited budget, you can’t afford to pay $20 for a baby doll to give to someone for Christmas or their birthday,” Rudi said. “There’s lots of great things out here, if you’re looking for anything in particular, this would be the place to go.”

While out enjoying the event, veteran garage sale host Hibbard has a bit of advice for drivers.

“Be careful, this is one dangerous road even during normal times, and it’s exceptionally dangerous now,” Hibbard said.

Dozens of homes in the Michiana area are participating this year, as can be seen on the map of garage sales along the U.S. 12 corridor.

Click here for more information about the sale and for a full map of the participating locations.  

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