Michigan State Police's cold weather safety tips

NOW: Michigan State Police’s cold weather safety tips

NILES, Mich. – Michigan State Police offer cold weather safety tips during winter storms and frigid temperatures.  

“When we have this kind of extreme cold and snow a lot of times we have an increase in traffic crashes, that’s due to drivers just going too fast for the conditions most of the time drivers don’t plan enough time for the trips that they make and end up driving too fast for conditions,” Michigan State Police Trooper Tylen Rhoda said.  

One of the many tips MSP offers is to avoid traveling but if it’s a must to keep a full tank of gas, extra clothing if you get stranded, and a cell phone charger.  

“I’ve had instances where drivers have been stuck for hours at a time in a snow storm and thankfully they were equipped with extra clothes and a blanket in their car just to keep them warm, sometimes you can’t keep the vehicle running the entire time when you’re stranded so staying warm is the biggest thing,” Rhoda said.  

Michigan State Police have a full list of tips here to stay safe during the extreme cold and snow. 

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