Microburst causes tree to crash into homeowners' roof

NOW: Microburst causes tree to crash into homeowners’ roof

NILES, Mich. -- Tuesday morning’s storm ripped through Niles, leaving extensive damage throughout the city and one home in need of a new roof.

On Riverview Drive, multiple tree limbs came crashing down, leaving the road blocked all day.

Over on Third Street, a downed power line stretched across one person’s yard.

While on Broadway, snapped trees could be seen across the sidewalks.

And on Isaac McCoy drive, one homeowners’ flag pole was struck down, but, their American flag left unscathed. Just a few houses down, however, one home wasn’t so lucky.

“I go up to check the windows and the sun porch and I saw this big tree fall, and bam,” said Pam Duval. “My husband comes running out of the bedroom and says ‘What happened, what happened’ and I said ‘I think we have a tree in our house.’”

Through the house and into a bedroom – one thankfully the homeowners were not sleeping in.

“It’s through the roof and it goes into our spare bedroom, we have three branches of the tree sticking through the roof and one of them goes almost to the floor,” said Duval.

Amidst the chaos, crews arrived quickly to clean up what was an even worse scene Tuesday morning.

“AEP was here in full force relatively soon, they took the two trees that fell on wires down, put the wires back up and we were back in business by 9:30 this morning,” said Duval. “So we have power, I’m just waiting for the tree company to come and take the tree out of my house.”

The Duvals say they’ve been in contact with insurance and the tree should be removed by Tuesday night.

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