Middle school employee accused of sexually abusing special needs student

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- An internal investigation is underway to determine if an employee at Edison Intermediate Center sexually abused and took lunch money from special needs kids.

The big question right now is if this abuse has been going on for at least two years, which is what sources tell us, then why wasn't it reported sooner?

An Edison Intermediate Center school teacher is making some serious accusations of what one coworker has being doing to students for years.

The employee would not go on camera, but did confirm to ABC 57 that she witnessed her coworker sexually abuse a special education student.

That is not all, though. She also said this same employee stole lunch money from the child, not once, but for at least two years.

The teacher, too scared to talk to school officials, decided to go to school board member Bill Sniadecki. In an email ABC 57 obtained, Sniadecki alerted Superintendent Dr. Carole Schmidt of the very serious accusations.

Sniadecki said the superintendent seemed uninterested and told him that the employee needed to go to the principal, even if she did not feel comfortable doing so.

Sue Coney, the spokesperson for Superintendent Dr. Carole Schmidt, said Schmidt did follow all polices and procedures properly. After learning of the accusations, Coney said Schmidt reported the allegation to the building administrator to conduct a full investigation.

However a waiver, that all South Bend School Corporation staff members must sign acknowledging the procedures for reporting child abuse, outlines a different course of action. On the form, it said the the staff member must also, immediately, notify the school's resource officer or another law enforcement agency.

ABC 57 contacted the South Bend Police Department and, so far, no police report has been located for this sexual abuse case. Officers said, Thursday, it is possible the report does exist, but that it is only accessible to investigators.

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