Middlebury shelf maker lays off 100+ employees

MIDDLEBURY, Ind. -- A trucker backs up to receive a shipment from Syndicate Systems in Middlebury; just like he and others always have, but it may be something they do less of in the future.

The shelf maker laid off more than 100 employees on Thursday due to a slowdown in global orders.

"Any layoff is economically undesirable," said Sam Pole, Director for the Middlebury Chamber of Commerce.

Pole said layoffs from a major employer like Syndicate Systems will have a big impact on the area's economy.

"It affects families, it affects individuals, and ultimately, it affects the business community," said Pole.

A community, that's already suffered a number of job losses in year's past, but Pole points to the rebound in the RV industry. He said Syndicate System's layoffs may only be temporary.

"If it's annual or if it's seasonal, these kinds of things happen in our industries in the area," said Pole. "We'll hope for those people to be called back real soon."

And soon can't come fast enough for the employees ABC57 talked with.

No one wanted to be interviewed on-camera for fear of not getting called back, but they said, more than 136 employees were let go.

"We will recover," said Pole. "The Middlebury business community is very resilient, and we'll come back. I believe Syndicate will also do the same."

Leaving those laid off employees waiting and wondering when they'll hear back.


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