"Mild" January still brought the snow

 As we end the month of January ( and with tempertures looking to rise above freezing Jan 31st) the monthly snow total is coming in at 35.0"(+15" above monthly normal). What makes it impressive is the fact our overall snowfall for the season is 40.7". So doing simple math, 86% of our snowfall so far has come in the month of January.

Though this year has seemed to be rather "light" on snow, we're only 1" below average for the winter season so far. 

Maybe its just the fact last January brough 53.5" of snow, and already 78.4" had fallen for the winter season. 

The pattern doesn't look very active to start February, we'll see what the groundhog has to say about things come Thursday. But, looks like our next real taste of winter maybe at least 10 days out. 

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