Mini 4-H gives young kids the chance to show animals

ST. JOSEPH COUNTY, Ind. -- The 4-H fair is a place where families can go to get crazy food, fun rides and see the animals being shown by members of 4-H. Showing animals is hard work and some have been doing it since they were very young.

The Mini-4-H club is for children from kindergarten through 2nd grade. For one family, this year's fair - and Mini-4-H - are extra special.

Chase Turner was dressed like an officer - and his cow was dressed as a bad guy. It was his first time showing his cow.

"He was into cows young and he’s not afraid of them so he can’t wait to show cows like mommy and all his aunts did," Bobbi Klopfenstein said.

Turner is now a fourth generation 4-H’er.

Bobbi is Wilbur Klopfenstein's granddaughter. Turner is his great-grandson.

Wilbur, who was 4-H royalty, passed away recently.

"He would’ve loved to see him out here doing all that and it’s a little different this year," Bobbi said.

Now a brand new animal showman is stepping up.

"I like it. Doing it," Turner said.

"It teaches him work ethic for sure. He knows he’s got to feed his cows, walk his cows, take care of his cows. So he’s pretty well behaved for knowing how to do all this at a young age," Bobbi said.

While the competition is tough, Turner takes it seriously and wants to make his family proud.

"Mommy did it," Turner said.

Kids kindergarten through second grade can participate in Mini 4-H and show any animal they want.

Click here for more information about Mini 4-H.

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