Minnesota fugitive spotted in Marshall County

NOW: Minnesota fugitive spotted in Marshall County

In Marshall County Tuesday, Police were led on a chase through the towns of Plymouth, Tyner, and Walkerton.

After stopping a couple in a routine traffic stop on North Michigan Street, police discovered the man – Ace Blahoski -- to have a warrant out of Minnesota.

Blahoski was arrested for criminal sexual conduct with a child under 13. He was released from custody in St. Paul, Minnesota in 2018 after serving one year. In April 2018, Minnesota put a warrant out for his arrest for violating his terms of release.

It’s not specified exactly which condition was violated and he was never picked up by police.

“I worry about other kids out there, because who knows where he is, “ Laurie Johnston said, who witnessed the police chase.

The woman in the car with Blahoski was Kelly Jean Longie. She was picked up by police in Walkerton at 1 a.m. Wednesday.

Longie’s being held in Marshall County Jail for false information and resisting police with a $2,250 bond.

Residence of the town of Tyner said police scoured the surrounding wooded areas and train tracks by their homes for hours after the suspects ditched the car and ran from police.

“I called 911, cause I saw two people running down the street,” Johnston said. It turns out they ran right down our street, it could have been them.”

Plymouth Police says if anyone sees Blahoski, or if anyone has any information on where he may be to call 911.

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