Minnie Mouse is getting a makeover

Minnie Mouse is getting all glammed up, supermodel style, for the holidays. And it's not just her, Disney's most famous faces are all getting makeovers.

Disney is teaming up with New York's famed "Barneys" for it's annual "Edgy and Outside of the Box" displays.

This year the window displays show a short film of Minnie imagining herself at a fashion show in Paris.

One of the famous creators is weighing in on the new "Skinny Minnie."

"But it's a fantasy //and we imagine ourselves in a scenario much different from our own and fashion magazines and fashion has that same sort of aspirational quality," said Sarah Jessica Parker.

And it's for a good cause.  25 percent of the proceeds of the Disney-Barney's Holiday Fashion Line will go to the red cross to help victims of hurricane Sandy.

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