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Mirage of Chicago skyline seen from Michigan shoreline


A picture of the Chicago skyline taken almost 60 miles away, is actually a mirage. Joshua Nowicki (@StartVisiting) snapped the pic Tuesday night from Grand Mere State Park in Stevensville. Under normal conditions, even when extremely clear, this should not be visible, due to the curvature of the earth. The Chicago skyline is physically below the horizon form that vantage point, but the image of the skyline can be seen above it.

This is a form of Superior Mirage, superior in this meaning the mirage or image of the skyline is seen above where it's actually located. The clear skies, and cool weather (aided even more by the cool lake water) creates an inversion. A layer of air near the surface that's cooler than air higher in the atmosphere. This creates a bending or ducting effect where the light (image) instead of going in a normal straight line into space, curves back towards the surface of the earth. 

This same phenomena can also be seen on the radar in the form of "ground clutter" the inversion is taking the radar beam (light) and bending back towards the surface of the earth, creating a "ring" effect.

UPDATE: We went back to the dunes in April of 2016 with photographer Joshua Nowicki and saw similar phenomena. We explain the science of atmospheric refraction ( mirage and looming) Watch our Emmy nominated piece Skyline Skepticism here.

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LukeHar87870053 1 day ago
You are correct Robert, it doesn’t mean it isn’t real, there are many facts of science or physics that don’t quite register with us humans.

But after all, don’t we all want the (absolute truth)? Cuz it does exist..
Who wants to be deceived..??

So please consider pondering my potential view on the matter:

If in fact it’s true, then satan and his angels bring many souls with him to eternal condemnation.. he is know as the “father of lies” & “author of confusion”.
he is a clever deceiver..

Government and science wanna hide God from us cuz it’s much easier to believe in a random big bang theory when the earth is “spinning at 2,000 mph, and orbiting the sun at 67,000 mph”

But if in fact the earth is Not a spinning ball, and the earth is stationary, and more like a dome as the Word suggests, it would be impossible to deny His creation.. If in fact He does create the waves and move the moon & sun, people would view God much differently…. thou it wouldn’t take as much faith..

The Word says, “He set the earth on its foundations, and it can never be moved”, and talks about the earths “4 corners”

Also, why does the star constellations stay in the same location every day if the earth is constantly moving??

TruthofChrist 49 days ago
The Earth IS flat, either that or it's far bigger than they have told us. The equation that determines curvature is simply wrong (i.e. 8" per mile squared) check it for yourself, it simply does not work. It it was accurate you wouldn't be able to see Chicago from Muskegon?
DanielDyer 285 days ago
Who’s believes this junk? Are we that deceived? It’s not a mirage but the scientific community ha to give some sort of pseudo science explanation to cover their lies and indoctrination!
I dare you abc to do a live report, get someone from your team to Chicago and zoom from Lake Michigan with a telescope and have them up in one of the buildings.......... I promise they won’t allow you to!!!
Robert DanielDyer 226 days ago
And what's the point of 'deception'? Just because you don't understand science doesn't mean it isn't real.
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