Mishawaka gas station accused of selling bad gas again

NOW: Mishawaka gas station accused of selling bad gas again


MISHAWAKA, Ind. — Two new allegations of bad gas being sold at a Mishawaka Phillips 66 surfaced today. Both customers purchased gasoline at the station on Lincolnway and Byrkit around 6:00pm last night. Both vehicles broke down. And mechanics confirmed bad gasoline caused the problems in both vehicles.

“The car started to sputter and spit. It wouldn’t start. It wouldn’t run. So I had to pull over and get it towed.” Tony Carnarecci said.

His 2017 Chevy Silverado broke down about 1/4 mile after filling it up.

“I didn’t have any problems before. This thing ran perfect.” Chris Heston said.

Heston lives only a few blocks from the gas station. He filled his minivan and parked at his home. It wouldn’t run this morning.

These are similar problems other people had last month. Mishawaka Weights and Measures received 6 complaints then.

The company that runs the gas station, Empire Petroleum, wouldn’t speak about the issues. But, we overheard the general manager tell the two newest accusers that they’re not accepting blame or denying it at this time.

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