Mishawaka home hit by vehicle, driver flees

A Mishawaka resident is picking up the pieces of her home after a suspect drove a car into her home, then drove off.

“The street has always been a family street, a kid friendly street. I just feel like it becomes a drag strip especially at night, especially during the summer," said homeowner Taylor Pierce.

And that's exactly what Pierce thinks happened Tuesday night.

She was inside her Mishawaka home when she heard glass shattering from her bedroom.

“The adrenaline was insane because I thought someone was breaking into my home," said Pierce.

She barricaded herself in her room and called the police.

Neighbors had a different view from outside.

Marti Strain, a neighbor, said, “It was a black car. Barreled through the yard, you can see the tire tracks in the grass, and it hit the house."

A hit Pierce was not prepared to take.

“I was anticipating to see like a baseball through my window. I wasn't anticipating to see that someone drove through my dining room.”

But what’s even worse, Strain says “the car backed up and sped off.”

And Pierce says they left thousands of dollars worth of damage behind.

“It just makes me nervous and scared for other people with families around here seeing that someone could just cause so much damage and then just to be able to drive away from it.”

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