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Mishawaka home invasion victim identified

MISHAWAKA, Ind.-- New details in the case of the Mishawaka man who was shot during a home invasion.

It was just after 1:30 in the afternoon Tuesday, that authorities responded to a report of a home invasion to a home in the 1400 block of Burnham Drive in the Village Green mobile home park in Mishawaka..

The victims family confirms 27-year-old Chad Halliburton was shot in the ear and remains hospitalized.

“It doesn’t surprise me any with the area that we live in," said Village Green Mobile home park resident, Douglas Merrill.

Burnham's family tells ABC 57 Halliburton was shot right in front of his three young children, on his daughter’s bed.

A fact one neighbor can’t wrap his head around.

“It’s just a total shock, and during the day. See the suspect had to come in and know what he was doing," said neighbor Bill Rodgers.

Police have not said whether the victim knew the suspects.

A Village Green representative tells ABC 57 they do run credit and background checks all applicants.

For one neighbor, that’s not enough.

“They did a credit and background check on me 22 years ago. I've still seen a lot of stuff happen in here. Credit checks aren’t going to cut it. They need to have security in the park itself," said Rodgers.

As for the victim, family members says he's currently recovering at the hospital from a shattered jaw among other injuries.

They tell me the right side of his face will need complete reconstruction and mention Halliburton will likely be in the hospital for a while.

Mishawaka Police confirm they are looking for two suspects.

Investigators urge anyone with information to contact the Mishawaka Police Detective Bureau. 

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Monikah 180 days ago
You guys should really not be surprised by their reporting. ABC 57 will report ANYTHING for “likes” and “views”. It’s disgusting and then should all be ashamed of themselves!
SandeeAlexander 180 days ago
A person’s past does not define who they are today! Your facts are all wrong. And you are implying that it was okay for him to be shot. That is unprofessional! And to put his family and him at risk by saying what hospital he is at is ridiculous! And ABC57 should be held liable for this injustice. Let’s see how about you report that his children adore and love their father very much and is traumatized by all of this. Obviously that doesn’t get the attention that you all want. Very poor reporting!!
Amber 180 days ago
He just got shot for u to announce to the world where he is located is bs and very unsafe for him and his family! His criminal background has nothing to do with what happened that day! This video should he taken down! #GetItTogetherABC57
Looney 180 days ago
Why is his criminal history mentioned? That doesn’t have shit to do with him getting shot in HIS home in front of HIS children. You inconsiderate ass news reporters always bringing up a black persons criminal history when something happens to them worry about reporting the info on the SHOOTER or how the victim and his family is recovering. This is sad, job POORLY done.
JoyceThomas 180 days ago
HaileyRobertson 180 days ago
This is complete bs. What does the victims criminal record have to do w anything? I’m case you forgot he is the VICTIM here.
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