Mishawaka looks to build free outdoor fitness facility in Central Park

NOW: Mishawaka looks to build free outdoor fitness facility in Central Park

MISHAWAKA, Ind. — Those living in and near Mishawaka might just have a new workout option soon.

“Not only now will you be able to walk and run on the Riverwalk, but you’ll be able to get a full body workout for free on our Riverwalk,” said Philip Blasko, Mishawaka Parks Superintendent.

The Princess City is looking to bring an outdoor fitness center to Central Park.

“We came across this national fitness campaign that’s out of California and applied for it and we’re one of 100 cities that will receive one of these fitness courts.”

National Fitness Campaign’s (NFC) initiative is looking to bring free fitness facilities all across the country.

And it’s already making waves in three other cities in the Hoosier State.

The plan is to build a seven-activity facility in the park along the Riverwalk trail.

Officials expect this project to cost up to $90,000.

But a large portion of that would be paid for by the National Fitness Campaign (NFC).

They would have to match that amount, and they’re looking to do so through crowdfunding.

“It would be one of our first projects that we have that’s all privately funded and the community will be able to stand behind it and support it and be engaged with it, throughout the process,” said Blasko.

Neighbors of the park welcome the new addition.

“It will be nice to have something more focused than just walking,” said neighbor Thomas Dewey. “The kids already have great play equipment over there and having an adult facility will be nice too.”

Dewey dropped his gym membership for home workout gear but he says nothing beats a free facility.

“No it doesn’t and it’s across the street,” he said.

This campaign is even starting to get attention from state officials.

Lt. Governor Suzanne Crouch said in a statement last week, “The 'Mishawaka fitness court' is an innovative approach to placemaking. The outdoor gym encourages an active lifestyle by creating the perfect place for residents and visitors to enjoy a free workout."

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