Mishawaka man looking for family in pictures

NOW: Mishawaka man looking for family in pictures

UPDATE: Shortly after this story aired, we were able to find the original owner of the camera. Her name is Casey Fike. Fike said she took the photos around 2012. She said she had the pictures backed up, so Jeff can delete them. Casey said that she was touched someone would even want to return the photos. 

MISHAWAKA, Ind. -- The saying goes a picture is worth a thousand words. But a Mishawaka man says there are memories worth a lifetime on a camera he recently bought at a garage sale. 

On a sunny morning, Jeff Katona and his girlfriend, Kelly, relax outside of their Mishawaka home. 

With each car that passes, they wonder if the driver or passengers could help solve the mystery behind this camera. 

"It's like fishing," said Katona. "You never know what you're going to get."

Six weeks ago Jeff bought a Nikon Coolpix L105 at a garage sale. 

"Been looking for a camera for a couple years that you know was digital that was under $10," said Katona. 

He couldn't use it until recently due to a broken battery, but when it powered up, so did Jeff's mission. 

"There were 900 pictures on it... Of weddings, bonfires, and different vacations," said Katona. 

Each snapshot telling the story of a family Jeff doesn't know. 

"There's the main man dancing with his wife," said Katona. 

"2012, so it's already what?" said Katona. "Six, ehh a few years old." 

"Little kid," said Katona."Probably in high school now."

He wants to change that. 

"I'd like to find out whose pictures these are," said Katona. 

Jeff can't remember where he bought the camera. He does remember buying it from a middle aged man and woman. Based off the pictures, Jeff thinks an older man owned the camera, but because a younger couple sold it him, he believes the original owner have died. 

"I'm sure someone will recognize this church," said Katona. 

He's now asking you, the viewer, to help find the family because if his family pictures filled a stranger's camera, he hopes someone would do the same. 

"There are still good people out there that want to make people happy and I hope they can enjoy it and frame it," said Katona. "I come from a good family and a big family and I know someone would like these pictures, and I enjoy making people happy."

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